– Helping mediators avoid the traps of electronic communication

Matthew Shepherd
3.30 in Marra

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Understanding mediati.. 45min
Meaning making.. 45min
Adjudication under.. 1.5 hrs
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The growth of mediation, and other forms of dispute resolution, has coincided with the rise of the internet and electronic miscommunication between disputing parties. This presentation shall outline the systemic and psychological reasons why people in conflict struggle with online and electronic communication. It will explain techniques by which mediators and other dispute resolvers can help disputants to communicate more effectively by email and text. The rise of on-line dispute resolution systems make these skills and techniques essential for all conflict professionals.

The audience will learn about-

  • Contemporary research into the psychology of electronic communications.
  • Why the dynamics of on-line communications cause miscommunication, and how it can be avoided.
  • Skills for mediators to support clients to communicate more effectively online and electronically.
  • How practitioners can avoid electronic miscommunication with their own clients.
Get to know Matthew
matthew_shepherdMatthew Shepherd is a nationally accredited mediator, registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner, trained Collaborative Practitioner, restorative engagement facilitator and lawyer (accredited by the NSW Law Society as a family law specialist). Matthew teaches Dispute Resolution Advocacy at UTS from where he has a Masters in Dispute Resolution (Honours). He sits on the NSW Law Society Dispute Resolution Committee. Matthew presented on Understanding and Working with Lawyers at the 2013 LEADR ‘kon gres.

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