– Meaning making in dispute resolution

Dr Rosemary Howell
3.30 in Wilarra

Other sessions in this timeslot
Understanding mediati.. 45min
Helping mediators.. 45min
Adjudication under.. 1.5 hrs
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Meaning-making is a process that attracts discussion, reflective thought, argument and academic research across many fields. These include learning and development, psychology, literature and art appreciation to name a few. However a literature search reveals that meaning-making appears to be missing in a recognisable way from the Dispute Resolution dialogue. This interactive presentation will engage the audience in an investigation of the different faces of meaning-making and the contribution it offers to practitioners and parties engaged in Dispute Resolution processes

Dispute Resolution is a dynamic field. Its diversity and flexibility make it a work in progress – continuing to challenge its practitioners to explore and engage in new ways of bringing value to the process and the parties. This session is part of that ongoing challenge – encouraging us to test our ideas and grow our insight into what works and what we might add to our repertoire.

Get to know Rosemary
rosemary howellRosemary Howell is an accredited mediator, and has completed doctoral work in negotiation. Rosemary is also a Professorial Visiting Fellow at UNSW where she teaches ADR in practice to undergraduates and principled negotiation to Master’s students, as well as being the architect of the Master of Dispute Resolution program. Rosemary is the faculty sponsor and judge in 3 internal and 3 external negotiation competitions, the faculty coach for international mediation competitions at CDRC (Vienna) and ICC (Paris), Chairman of Strategic Action Pty Ltd and Member of The Dispute Group.

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