– Pre-mediation interviews in workplace disputes

Pauline Roach
4.15 in Yurra

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The paper addresses the importance of the pre-mediation interviews in workplace disputes. This is to help the parties identify issues that may have contributed to the dispute. It will also help ensure the most appropriate dispute resolution strategy (DRS) is implemented to resolve the dispute. The pre-mediation interview may identify that prior to a mediation session the parties may benefit from individual counselling or conflict coaching (pre and post mediation), for managers and staff. It is through this process that disputes are analysed and options generated to find a resolution.

This paper argues that the pre-mediation interviews with the parties are critical for the successful mediation of a workplace dispute, and discusses some problems that may arise if the interviews do not occur.

Get to know Pauline
Roach, PaulinePauline began her career as nurse and midwife, working in several different hospitals in Australia, England and Scotland. Following her return from a 4 year trip overseas, she began a career with the NSW Public Service. Pauline has worked in the dispute resolution field for 20 years and has managed the Community Justice Centres (CJCs) Sydney and Bankstown, where she provided ongoing training and supervision to mediators and staff.

In 2003, Pauline was appointed to the position of Grievance Network Coordinator at the Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) where she completed a major review of the RTA’s Grievance Resolution Policy. In this role she established the grievance resolution network and the RTA Workplace Mediation Panel. In 2013 she was appointed to the position of Consultant at Transport for NSW.

Pauline completed the Master in Dispute Resolution at University of Technology, Sydney.


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