– What will red tape reduction for SMEs mean for mediation practice?

Stuart Carr
4.15 in Marra

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There is always a lot of talk about leveling the playing field for small-to-medium businesses in their dealings with customers, suppliers and staff.  Indeed Federal and State governments have taken a range of steps to assist SMEs: including making legislative changes, improving information provision, and being more client-friendly. As a further step along this process there is a strong trend to aim to reduce red tape to make business easier. This presentation will focus on the impact of red tape reduction and how it will effect dispute resolution practises such as mediation.

The presentation will discuss the potential impact on dispute resolution for small business with the trend towards red tape reduction.

Get to know Stuart Carr
Stuart_Carr_white300dpi (1)Stuart Carr started his career in universities before moving to R&D and management in private and public sector organisations. In 2004, he shifted focus to work with small-to-medium sized enterprises (SMEs). Through his boutique advisory, Carix (www.carix.com.au), Stuart supports SMEs in a variety of industries, professions and trades to review their practices and to develop and implement strategies for business turnaround and growth. Much of Stuart’s work involves internal and external mediation.

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