– The best ever workplace based conflict management system

Jeanette Kinahan & Dr Sallie Strickland
1.30 in Yurra

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Family law pro.. 1.5hr
Bringing conflict.. 1.5hr
Breaking down.. 45 min
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Join Jeanette and Sallie in this practical interactive session with your fellow Dispute Resolution community to stimulate group think and innovation, share your insights and expertise to collectively develop a DIY ‘best ever’ conflict management system that you can take away with you at the end of session and implement immediately into your Dispute Resolution practice.

Australian workplaces are struggling with the negative and costly impacts of interpersonal conflict including bullying and harassment and the associated adverse mental health impacts. Workplace conflict and dispute, along with disruptive and inappropriate behaviours are a leading cause of complaints, grievances, work stress, illness, injury, absence and workers compensation claims. Many organisations choose to manage these issues ‘in house’. Many augment internal capability with external experts – often resorting to stress management and Dispute Resolution professionals when things get ‘too hot to handle’. Some organisations employ ‘in house’, off line ‘independent’ Dispute Resolution experts or conflict management coaches.

Get to know Jeanette & Sallie
Jeanette Kinahan Photo

Jeanette Kinahan – Work Health Systems
Jeanette is an accredited advanced mediator (LEADR, NMAS) and a CINERGY conflict management coach. Jeanette is the Co-Chair of LEADR & IAMA in Victoria and in 2014 received a LEADR Practitioner Award for the Professional Development of Others in Dispute Resolution.

With an allied health background, Jeanette is also a workplace injury management specialist – working with organisations and individuals to enable safe, healthy, resilient workforces. In 2014 Jeanette was awarded the ‘Excellence in Personal Injury Management – Outstanding Contribution by an Individual Award’ by the Personal Injury Education Foundation in Australia.

Jeanette’s work prevents and manages work stress, conflict, injury and illness – building wellbeing and competence that enables harmonious and productive work relationships and organisations.

sallie_strickland_200Dr Sallie Strickland – Empowering Engagements Pty Ltd
Sallie is the Director of Empowering Engagements, a specialised service provider that builds individual, team and organisational capability and performance through the delivery of services and programs that recognise the psychosocial and business implications of psychological wellbeing in the workplace. Sallie is an accredited workplace mediator (LEADR, NMAS), registered Clinical Psychologist (AHPRA) and Executive Coach with expertise in leadership development, mental health and illness, rehabilitation and behaviour change. She is interested in how organisational environments and their systems influence employee behavioural and wellbeing outcomes. Sallie is a strong advocate for enabling organisations to build effective integrated management systems to embed a positive approach in managing workplace conflict and stress within a work health safety framework.


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