– Bringing conflict coaching to mediation

Kathy Tetu
1.30 in Marra

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Family law proceed..1.5hr
The best ever.. 1.5hr
Breaking down sil.. 45 min

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Kathy is a believer in the potential of pre-mediation – yes to establish rapport and gain the trust of parties, but as well, in some situations, to challenge/transform the perceptions that the parties come with that may block them from considering their part in the conflict. This workshop will give participants a chance to try out some approaches adapted from the philosophy and approach of Conflict Coaching International practitioners. Case studies in both family and workplace conflict situations will be the basis for the experiential learning.

Get to know Kathy
kathy tetu

Kathy Tetu established her consultancy, Conflict Management Mediation Services in 2004. She works as a mediator, coach, trainer and facilitator. Kathy is accredited with Conflict Coaching International. Kathy’s clients come predominantly from the workplace and family areas. She is represented on a number of mediation panels, including LEADR. She is an Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner and has been working with family clients for 15 years. Kathy is active in the mediation community, being the long standing secretary of the Newcastle chapter of LEADR. Kathy loves her garden and is known to produce the best salad greens going. The peddling is a bit slower these days but she is still cruising around the city on her bike. Kathy also keeps fit by running around after four beautiful grandsons (under 5 years) on regular trips to Sydney. Kathy has been singing in the Newcastle Peoples Chorus for 8 years and looks forward to their tour of New Zealand just a couple of weeks after ‘kon gres.


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