– The right questions at the right time: The subtleties of timing

Gail Cork
10.30 in Yurra

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To coin a phrase, the right question at the wrong time is the wrong question. Rights and wrongs may not sit comfortably in the mediator’s lexicon but nevertheless, many would agree that the difference between a good question and a great one comes down to timing. In years of coaching and assessing mediators, one thing I’ve observed time and again is careful questioning in careless sequence, with the result that much of the potential impact is lost. In this 1.5 hour workshop, we’ll focus closely on some pressure points in mediation – especially in agenda setting and private sessions – where subtleties of timing can really change the game.

The workshop is pitched mainly at new and developing mediators who are confident in their grasp of the process and looking for opportunities to further refine their practice.

Get to know Gail Cork
Cork, GailGail Cork has worked in various ADR roles since first training with LEADR in 1990. She has undertaken extensive additional training through LEADR (now LEADR & IAMA) and the Australian Commercial Disputes Centre and has been NMAS accredited since the scheme commenced. As a mediator, she has specialised in workplace and intellectual property, both fields well suited to her work in arts administration which has run in tandem with her ADR work over many years. Gail is a highly experienced LEADR & IAMA coach and has assessed hundreds of candidates for NMAS accreditation. She received a LEADR award in 2014 for services to professional development in ADR.


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