– How to help your client relinquish the need to be right

Bill Hewlett
10.30 in Wilarra

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The right questions.. 1.5hr 
Arbitration through.. 45min
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This workshop will focus on the primary importance of the mediators’ capacity to engage with their clients with an empathy that is so effective that it actually results in the clients reviewing their perspectives. In fact, the clients bring us relational conundrums that cannot actually be ‘fixed’. These clients do have momentary insights into the dynamics of their conflict; unfortunately, their need for vindication is so strong that these opportunities for reflection have little impact on their narratives of recrimination and blame. At Relationships Australia, we have conducted extensive research into how, through an empathic connection with their mediators, clients can be helped to utilise and expand upon this hitherto unused, relational wisdom and be informed and active in resolving their own outcomes.

Bill Hewlett (Clinical Services Specialist RANSW) will provide a unique and engaging presentation of this process through the use of role-play with actors. Participants will be invited to reflect on the role-play in small group discussions, which will then be opened up to a discussion within the larger group. This interactive dialogue between presenters, participants and actors will form the core part of the presentation. Participants will leave the presentation with an understanding of how relational, client-centred models of practice can inform our work with clients. Participants will also leave the presentation with an understanding of the importance of, and techniques to assist with, client engagement and rapport building. The presentation will also show the neurological and attachment theory behind the practice and present findings from research conducted at Relationships Australia.

Get to know Bill
Hewlett, BillBill Hewlett currently works as a Clinical Services Specialist in Family Dispute Resolution with Relationships Australia NSW and as a lead trainer for the Australian Institute for Relationships Studies. He has extensive experience in child inclusive mediation, having successfully practised as a Child Consultant for the past ten years. This work has led Bill to develop an innovative and effective model of practice, which responds to the current challenges of the family law system when working with highly conflicted clients. Bill has published articles on family issues and is frequently invited to present at conferences and events internationally and throughout Australia.

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