– Self-determination and empowerment when threat is perceived: A structured depersonalising strategy

Sandra Walden Pearson 
12.00 in Marra

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THE EMPOWERMENT TRANSPLANT™ DIY instructions included is the secular, counter-intuitive way to a sustainable sense of empowerment. Informed by self-determination theory and inspired by Buddhist philosophy, it posits both a correlative relationship between empowerment and self-determination; and empowerment as an essentially self-generative phenomenon. For this reason, instructions can only be DIY. They comprise training in a self-coaching methodology that centres on the structured practice of compassion as depersonalising strategy to mitigate the subjective interpretation of perceived workplace bullying; and to facilitate development of The Balanced View™. The Balanced View™ facilitates transplant of learned mindful response, rather than mindless reaction, into situations of perceived self-preservation risk. The Balanced View™ promotes emergence stronger for the workplace bullying experience, based on self-evidence of self-determination, rather than intimidation, in the workplace bullying context.

THE EMPOWERMENT TRANSPLANT™: DIY instructions included is an experience. Participants can look forward to an interactive, in-depth exploration of compassion as a structured depersonalising strategy; and skills extension due to practising development of The Balanced View™.

Participants will leave this engaging, educative session with one learning outcome: experiential understanding of how to follow DIY instructions for a sustainable sense of empowerment.

Get to know Sandra
Walden Pearson, SandraSandra Walden Pearson has dedicated her professional life to social justice through education. Sandra taught English in high school, TAFE and prison before the compelling link between socioeconomic inclusion and classroom participation reaffirmed for her that contribution to social justice through education was best facilitated by the social sector. Sandra subsequently held senior positions with UnitingCare Burnside and The Smith Family. Today, Walden Pearson and Associates is dedicated to designing, developing and delivering products and services that promote equity and respect. Sandra holds a MBA (specialist HRM stream); coaching, training and teaching qualifications; and is an AHRI Certified Member (CAHRI).


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