– The role of money and sex in relationship breakdown

Bernadette Bolger
12.00 in Wilarra

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Money and sex are the two most powerful forces affecting people and when they mix, the results are complex and very nuanced. And that is true even when two people are getting on well. Throw in children, an income earning disparity and a relationship breakdown and the potential for all hell to break loose is very high.

Even though the emotions raised are very powerful they are often hidden, and so they can cause mediations to be derailed. This is because the gap between a client’s (rational) stated objectives and their real underlying (irrational) emotions is very large. And it is this gap that needs to be recognised and dealt with by mediators as a first step.

Drawing on ground breaking research in such fields as neuroscience, psychology and behavioural decision-making, Bernie will explain what role the three brains have to play in decision making and how sex and money can potentially sabotage even the most straightforward of outcomes.

Get to know Bernadette
bernie bolgerBernie has a Bachelor with Honours Degree in Pharmacy, a Masters Degree in Counselling and Applied Psychotherapy, a Graduate Diploma in Family Dispute Resolution and a Diploma in Financial Planning.

She began her career as a community pharmacist, built a multi-million dollar pharmacy business and was a multiple-finalist in the Telstra Business Woman of the Year Awards. She then sold her retail interests to concentrate on her real passion for helping people improve their communication skills and therefore their well-being. She co-founded the Applied Brain Science Research Institute (ABSRI) with Arun Abey and Dr Jay Kumar to increase people’s understanding of how decisions are made and equip them with the tools to consistently make better ones.

Bernie is frequently asked to speak on radio, television and at major conferences on the topics of wellbeing, relationships and money.


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