– How to use technology to optimise ADR outcomes

Steve White
3.30 in Marra

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As technology develops, opportunities arise for DR practitioners to expand their tool kit. Steve will discuss how he has used different technologies in his practice, the pros and cons of these approaches, and how technology can be used to better the outcomes in ADR.

Get to know Steve White
Steve White photoSteve White is principal and founder of White SW Computer Law (a law firm), Technology Arbitrators, Expert Determiners and Mediators and director of Software Escrow & Copyright Agents Pty Ltd. With over 20 years of litigation experience in the Federal Court, the Supreme Court of NSW, and the Supreme Court of Victoria, Steve is an Accredited Commercial Litigation Specialist, a registered trade mark attorney, a NMAS qualified mediator and arbitrator, and grade 1 arbitrator. He was the arbitrator in the four leading decisions involving the new UNCITRAL arbitration regime and his decision was upheld by the Court in each instance. He also holds membership with the LEADR & IAMA .au domain name dispute resolution panel, the auDA Review Panel, is an ACICA fellow and on the ADC Arbitration Panel and the NBN panel, and is listed on the LIV Mediators List and external mediator list. Steve has also served on the board of examiners for Accredited Commercial Litigation Specialist for 10 years.

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