– Why mediation in the workplace can fail: Lessons from the frontline

Dr Tricia Richard & Robyn Greaves
3.30 in Yurra

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A case study of how a workplace mediation can be derailed due to lack of consideration of the personalities being dealt with. Due to observation and learning, a positive outcome can be achieved however identifying the “red flags” is key.

Also illustrated in the case study are techniques for reducing emotionality in the parties during mediation. This is valuable in all mediations and is particularly useful in the context of workplace mediation when the conflict has been long term, especially Workplace Bullying.

This presentation draws on the work of many scholars and practitioners working in the area of identifying “outlier” behaviour, as well as the work of William Bridges, who is widely recognised for bringing the human journey of transition to the attention of the corporate world.

Get to know Tricia & Robyn
tricia richardsDr Tricia Richards has worked in Exec HR roles across Australia, New Zealand and Asia Pacific in FMCG, Travel and Media industries. She holds degrees in Law and Adult Education/Behavioural Science, is registered with the British Psychology Society and has a Certificate in Executive Coaching and Mediation.

robyn greavesRobyn Greaves is an accomplished leadership development, organisational change and career transition professional with broad experience across Financial Services, Manufacturing, Heavy Industry, Professional Services and Retail sectors. She specialises in helping people make successful mid-career change including those for whom workplace conflict and performance issues have been the catalyst. She holds degrees in Adult Education and is an Accredited Mediator.


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